Maren Bilsky

Maren was our undisputed leader, both on and off the court. She continually displayed a desire to improve and learn the game, in terms of her individual development and her understanding of how to play team defense and offense. Besides putting in many hours with our own team, Maren found time and motivation to train with her high school boys team and even my own here at Vanier School. She attended optional workouts and looked for opportunities outside of Yukon to enhance her skills and compete against the best players possible. She has also put in many hours building her athleticism with the Northern Strength Academy. Ultimately, besides just excelling in our sport, I appreciated Maren’s commitment to developing herself as an all-around athlete and competitor, while never sacrificing giving her teammates support and direction in helping them improve on their skills.

Ralph Hermosa

The 2020 Yukon Men’s AWG Basketball Team was team composed of many good basketball players. With that in mind, one player that distinguished himself was Ralph Hermosa. Ralph consistently demonstrated a team first approach and mentality. He consistently made time and put effort into checking with and encouraging his team mates not only in the good times but during moments of adversity.
Ralph like all of his team mates consistently gave a winning effort in practice and in games. He held himself to high standards of behaviour on and off the court. .

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