Funding for Athletes

Yukon Government

Elite athlete funding

Athletes must get official documentation from their national sport body confirming their carding level.

Elite athletes can apply at:

High performance athlete assistance grant

A high-performance level athlete may apply. They must have results that show they were living and competing in the territory and they are on the territorial team. Senior and masters athletes are not eligible.

High performance athletes can apply at:

Athlete in-territory travel assistance

To be eligible for this financial assistance Applicants must be from a Yukon community and be travelling for:

  • Arctic Winter Games trials;
  • Yukon representative teams;
  • coach training opportunities; and
  • in-territory Yukon championships.

Athletes can apply for this assistance at:

Lotteries Yukon

The Travel Assistance Program provides assistance to non-profit groups and extra-curricular high school groups attending competitions or adjudicated events in art, sport and recreation within Yukon or outside Yukon.

The Travel Assistance Program assists Yukon people with travel expenses up to $200 to compete and/or participate in adjudicated events within and outside of Yukon. Also, up to an additional $200 may be eligible for participants from Yukon rural communities traveling outside of Yukon for eligible events. The intake is ongoing until the program is fully subscribed for the fiscal year.

Download the Travel Assistance Submission form

Basketball Yukon Post-Secondary Elite Athlete Grant

Basketball Yukon’s Post-Secondary Elite Student Athlete Grant is available to both male and female athletes that:

  • played on a school or club Basketball team in the Yukon and
  • will be attending a College or University and participate in that school’s Varsity Basketball Program as a Student Athlete for the grant year the grant was awarded.

The grant is designed to assist student athletes with education and living costs up to a maximum of $1,000 per school year. The grant will be awarded annually to a maximum of five successful applicants. Basketball Yukon supports gender equality and cultural diversity.

To be eligible for the grant students must meet the following criteria:

  • Must be a Yukon resident.
  • Must have graduated from a Yukon high school in one of the previous 5 years.
  • Must be a member in good standing with Basketball Yukon.
  • Enrolled and active student at the identified post-secondary institute.
  • Active member of the Basketball Program at the identified post-secondary institute.
  • Application form must be submitted with a cover letter written by the applicant indicating why they qualify for the grant and how they will apply the financial assistance.
  • Application deadline will be announced each year (between June and August).

The goal of this grant program is to provide financial assistance to encourage Basketball players in the Yukon to participate and succeed at an elite level of Basketball. Basketball Yukon believes this type of support will increase the quality, dedication and role models for Basketball in the Yukon

This grant will be awarded for one academic year only.  Future year grants will require separate applications and will be subject to Basketball Yukon’s ability to financially support this program at that time. 

Application can be found here


Jamie Shaw Memorial Grant

The Jamie Shaw Memorial Foundation by assists youth and coaches in the Yukon continue with their journey of personal development and life-long learning.  The Fund will assist with the financial cost of athlete and coach development and will provide for direct financial assistance for athletes to attend competitions.  The selection process will consider financial need, existing community engagement and plans for reinvestment in the community, and applicants’ dedication to sport and commitment to improvement.